Thursday, 24 September 2015

Lake Hillier Australia

 INTRODUCTION:Lake Hillier is a saline lake on the edge of Middle Island, the largest of the islands and islets that make up the Recherche Archipelago in the Goldfields-Esperance region, off the south coast of Western Australia.
 GET IN:It is particularly notable for its pink colour. A long and thin shore divides the Southern Ocean from the lake.
 The big idea behind these "Maphead" posts—the raison d'etre, if you will—is to sniff out geographical oddities. These are places that are somehow unique or weird on the map, often more interesting than they are in real life. 
But when it comes to Australia's Lake Hillier, that all depends on what kind of map you're looking at. In the pages of an atlas, it's a pretty boring blue oval on an equally boring little island. But look at Lake Hillier on a digital map, and you won't believe your eyes. In aerial imagery, Lake Hillier is colored a bilious, Pepto-Bismol shade of pink.


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