Saturday, 19 September 2015

Punchbowl Falls

 INTRODUCTION:Punch Bowl Falls is quite possibly the most photographed waterfall in the entire Pacific Northwest. Nary a year goes by without seeing Punch Bowl Falls featured on a calendar of some sort. It is also the most popular destination along the Eagle Creek trail,
 GET IN: and for good reason. The falls occur where Eagle Creek cuts through a narrow channel flanked by cliffs, and shoots powerfully into a large bowl. The falls' name is a very descriptive one, as it's easy to see it's resemblance to an actual bowl you'd pour punch into.
  Because of this unique look, this waterfall was entirely responsible for the waterfall classification type of "punchbowl", though it's rather hard to find another waterfall that fits the characteristics so well. 
Above and to the left of the falls is a natural platform that is often used for diving into the pool below the falls (though I don't recommend it, and not entirely because you'll become a tourist attraction if you do), though better swimming areas can be found downstream.


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