Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Valle Verzasca, Switzerland

 INTRODUCTION:The magical jade green waters of the Verzasca river flow peacefully over smooth polished rocks, passing under the picturesque double arches of the Ponte dei Salti in Lavertezzo. Follow the river down the valley and you will find wonderful worn rock shapes and natural jacuzzis, and the trail to Brione is home to 17 works of art. Don't resist it 
 GETS IN: jump in! You will be hard pressed to find a more romantically beautiful place to do so. Are you looking for the ultimate adrenalin rush?
  Then look no further! The Verzasca dam on the Lago di Vogorno at the entrance to the valley is where James Bond once jumped 220m attached to no more than a rubber rope. 
 come and enjoy with your of the best place for tour


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