Friday, 2 October 2015

Waterfall in Kalambaka - Greece

 INTRODUCTION:Actually, the big attraction of the place is located 10 km further on the road to Paleokarya: a beautifully restored stone bridge in front of a small waterfall on the river Portaikos.
 GET IN:It can be reached along a short dirt road in good condition, but it can be a problem for long motorhomes to turn around if there are other parked vehicles, so it’s better to stop at the clearing.
 that is on the right just past the road that leads to the bridge. Continuing toward Paleokarya a few hundred meters,
 you will come across a wooden kiosk on the left. From there, a staircase leads to the upper side of the bridge.
The double waterfall and the old stone bridge on Portaikos river in Paleokaria village near Trikala city in Thesally region Greece


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